Through the rich medium of oils, my exploration of light and color is an attempt to capture the unique sense of place, time and emotion evoked by each landscape that I paint. From the mountains to the sea, the diverse environments of New England inspire the work that I do, both plein air as well as in the studio.

After many years working exclusively as a botanical artist, capturing the minute details and ephemeral beauty of plant life in growth and decay, I expanded my focus to take in the broad vistas of nature. The dramatic shift in view from micro to macro has informed a different approach to how I create art, challenging me to look beyond the literal and tap into a more instinctive way of working.

From NYC originally, where I began my career as a graphic designer and art director, I have settled in the Boston area, where I have raised my three children, with my husband. While painting landscapes, I continue to teach botanical art workshops at the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens.